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Entrepreneurial organisation for all.

Powersoft365 accounting software by

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Fashion made easy .

Endless fashion choices but only one way to manage fashion trading


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Stock Control

Stocking up: no hard labor.

Next generation Stock Control software by


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Point of Sales, power of sales: retail control at its best.

Powersoft POS software by 


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A fast, reliable and easy to use accounting system with a broad set of functionalities, suitable for small, midsized and large businesses.

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An undisputed leader in the retail sector in Cyprus, our POS software takes the pain out of managing stock and the commercial management of your business, whether you operate from a single store, multiple stores or work in the services sector.

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Fast and reliable sales management and stock control from anywhere!

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An easy to use commercial system for an integrated commercial management, offering functionalities such as information per product from purchase to sale and managing orders and deliveries.

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Accounting for €39 plus VAT per month

A fast, reliable and easy to use accounting system that uses the latest cloud computing technology


“We work alongside businesses to develop cutting-edge software products
which maximise productivity, assist in commercial management and help
business development and growth.”

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Problem solvers: how our products
help businesses become more efficient!


Organisations using our innovative technology

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